Politoys Glass

Serie sold between 1965 and 1967. The models have not a metals cast (only the bottom is made with metal), but a fiber glass cast.

*N°79 Opel Kadett Coupé
*N°80 Alfa Romeo Giulia GT 1300 Jr.
*N°84 Volkswagen 1200
*N°85 Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta
*N°86 Innocenti Morris IM3
*N°89 Jaguar E Type Tettucio rigido
*N°90 Mercedes Benz 230SL Tettucio rigido
*N°119 Maserati 3.5 Mistral
*N°120 Jaguar EType “Rita Pavone“. Tettucio rigido
*N°306 Camion Lancia Esadelta B. The container is in metal material.

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